How Much is an Oil Change?

Oil Change on a Honda

As a daily driver in Portsmouth, you likely know that consistent oil changes are the simplest, most vital way to take care of your Ford vehicle. How much does it cost for an oil change? The cost price of an oil change depends on your vehicle, the condition, and other factors. To learn how much an oil change is typically, read on with this guide from the service experts at Hampton Ford Inc. 

The General Cost of an Oil Change 

How much is an oil change near Salisbury, MA? A typical Ford oil change with conventional oil can range anywhere from $35 to $75. In some cases, that price can be higher depending on what type of oil your car needs. 

How Much Does It Cost for An Oil Change?: Regular vs. Synthetic

How much your oil change is largely depends on whether your vehicle requires regular or synthetic oil. Regular, or conventional oil, typically has a lower price point than synthetic oil. However, with a range of 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you’ll have to replace conventional oil more often. 

Synthetic will last you longer intervals between oil changes, but it is also more expensive. Synthetic oil changes usually start at $70 and can go up to more. Nevertheless, synthetic oil works better with performance and a smoother drive around Dover. So, the decision between regular or synthetic is largely a personal choice. 

Why an Oil Change at Hampton Ford Inc?

How much does it cost for an oil change when you visit the North Hampton dealership? As we mentioned above, it depends on what type of oil you need. Why get your Ford oil change at our dealership? Consider the following:

  • Certified Ford Oil Change: A Ford oil change at the Hampton Ford Inc dealership will be typically higher than quick-lube service. However, consider that our service team has highly-trained Ford technicians who will also diagnose any other issues that your vehicle may have. You’re getting service that’s a step ahead, essentially.
  • Complimentary General Maintenance: Your new Ford vehicle is likely eligible for complimentary maintenance depending on the model and our offers. Contact our service team for more information. 

Get Your Next Oil Change in North Hampton

No matter how much an oil change is, you’ll be guaranteed amazing service when you get your next oil change at Hampton Ford Inc. Be sure to check out our current service specials today! 

Service Specials at Hampton Ford Inc

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